Photo Gallery

cabbage white butterfly
milbert's tortoiseshell butterfly
mourning cloak butterfly
western tiger swallowtail butterfly
deciduous holly small
english holly small
ferns growing in a tree small
closer look at the ferns in tree
unknown bright pink flower small
skunk cabbage small
unknown ivy-looking plant small
perfect balls of water on an unknown herb or plant small
hemlock branch small
american coot small
american coots preening
bushtit small
canada goose up close small
cedar waxwing small
common yellowthroat small
ducks across the way small
sleepy ducks small
green-winged teal male duck small
unknown black bird small
unknown sparrow-like bird small
female mallard duck small
male mallard duck small
no shortage of ducks and geese to greet you at the Piper Spit
purple finch small
red winged blackbird small
red winged blackbird takes off, city horizon in background
spotted towhee small
two tree swallows small
single curious tree swallow
sleepy western screech owl small
white-crowned sparrow small
female wood duck small
male wood duck small
beaver house
landscape shot of the lake with burnaby city skyline in background
nestboxes near piper spit
nature house info
viewing tower sign small
buddy the red-eared slider turtle
bright green pacific tree frog on a leaf
tree squirrel
some type of alectoria lichen
a type of shelf fungues
unknown dusty green substance growing on a stump, perhaps an algae
another type of shelf fungus
the beginnings of another shelf fungus
a spiky bright green moss that is very common throughout the park
an unknown seafoam green coloured lichen
a very large shelf fungus
beautiful swan neck thyme moss